“YouTube Is Hiring More Employees To Train Its Computers To Review Videos”

Google has decided to hire more people to review the videos posted on YouTube which it owns. The humans will teach the site’s computers in the process how to review videos and comments and eliminate those that do not conform to the site’s policies. Even though the firm did not reveal the number of employees that perform the task currently, it stated that it plans to have 10,000 people performing the task in 2018. The decision to hire more people to perform the job comes at a time when a controversy mired the company on its ability to police the videos uploaded onto the site by users.

The recent videos that sparked the controversy contained images of undressed children. The videos attracted comments of pedophiles. Firms which had advertisements running on the videos got wind on the controversy and pulled them down. A statement from YouTube confirmed the controversy. The firm said that it pulled down more than 150,000 videos from the site because they did not conform to the site’s policies. Majority of the videos featured children in a state of undress. The firm went further and disabled comments to more than half a million videos posted on the site. The users that had posted the comments that sounded predatory to the videos featuring children in the state of undress got their accounts suspended.

Some the inappropriate videos even found their way to YouTube Kids which is an application that should be friendly to children. The videos supposed to appear on the application should be children friendly. The occurrence shows that You Tube’s mechanisms of screening the videos failed.

You cannot blame the problem on YouTube only. It is because the morally corrupt videos originate from the users on the platform with wrong intentions. Users can upload any video that they wish because the process of doing so is very easy. Apart from the videos showing inappropriate children scenes, there are others on conspiracy theories and violent extremists. The firm says that users upload more than 400 hours of video to the site every minute. It seems that it is difficult for the existing employees to review all these videos. YouTube sees the solutions to be lying on training computers to perform the task and the hired employees will perform the task. Computers can perform repetitive tasks quickly and with the same accuracy rate.