YouTube Removing Harmful Videos From Site

While there seems to be no limit to the silly things people will video and upload to YouTube, the online video platform has decided to pull some of them that they consider harmful to human health.

Also known as the Tide Pod Challenge, certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to film their friends or even themselves consuming or pretending to consume laundry detergent and upload it to YouTube for entertainment’s sake.

Even though YouTube has rather large boundaries when it comes to the type of content they will allow users to upload onto their site, they have recently decided to clean up this particular stunt – no pun intended – as they do not want viewers to mimic this action and cause physical harm to themselves.

Eating Laundry Detergent Is Not Safe

This may seem rather obvious, but YouTube is sending a message out to its viewers and subscribers that eating such material is toxic and harmful and so they will not condone such actions by allowing these kinds of stunts to appear on their platform.

If it were an isolated incident then YouTube watchmen would have probably dismissed it as a one-time event, but this type of stunt has caught on and there are a plethora of Tide-eaters these days uploading their videos for the whole world to see.
YouTube is pulling Tide Pod Challenge videos

Reporting System

To help out in their “clean-up” process, YouTube has requested viewers who have seen such videos to report them immediately. So far, the request has been obliged by viewers who also feel that such acts are harmful and unsafe and should not be publicly displayed to the masses.

YouTube Community Guidelines

According to YouTube officials, the company’s Community Guidelines prohibit such forms of content that exhort violence or physical harm to oneself or others. The Tide Pod Challenge is one such example that is in violation of these guidelines.

Under YouTube’s policies, any channel that violates their guidelines will have their video removed and receive a warning. If such videos continue to be uploaded to the same channel, then YouTube maintains the right to suspend the entire channel indefinitely.

YouTubers Lashing Out

Many YouTube users are in full agreement with YouTube and their recent actions and are even posting videos of their own condoning the Tide Pod Challenge.

In order to attract viewers who like to watch such acts being performed, these anti-detergent eaters have cleverly titled their videos with Tide Pod Challenge-related keywords. As visitors click on their videos they are quickly ostracized for watching such idiotic and harmful acts for the sake of a laugh.

Not All Tide Pod Challenge Videos Banned By YouTube
As of the time of this writing, YouTube has stated that videos mentioning the Tide Pod Challenge or even showcasing clips pertaining to it for educational purposes, will not be banned at this time.

It is unclear as to what constitutes educational purposes at this time as YouTube has not defined this phrase in any way.

As of right now, those uploading videos condemning or reporting any information or clips pertaining to the Tide Pod Challenge on YouTube have been asked to proceed with caution as moderators have full authority to ban such videos if they feel that it violates YouTube guidelines in any way.