YouTube TV Continues Its Impressive Expansion

YouTube TV seems to be growing at a rather significant rate. Once a solely free user-generated online streaming service, YouTube has branched out into other forms of content. YouTube TV is, in essence, cable television via YouTube. More accurately, the service provides cable channels through YouTube. A television doesn’t need to be involved. Users can view a multitude of channels on a computer or phone through this growing YouTube service.

And the service truly is growing. Recently, the cable-streaming platform announced its availability in a full 34 metropolitan regions. Originally, the streaming service debuted in a mere five. In time, the number of metro and non-metro areas should reach significant levels.

The cost of $35 per month reflects a much lower fee than most cable service providers charge. The limited amount of channels on YouTube can be deemed a net positive. Many cable customers complain about paying for channels they don’t watch. YouTube TV presents a leaner alternative for them.

Traditional cable providers have much to worry about if YouTube TV continues to grow in popularity. Hulu and Netflix are primed to continue to generate strong competition to these providers. The word “competition” may soon be changed to “replacement.” YouTube TV further promotes an alternative to the increasingly archaic version of cable box channel delivery systems.

Of course, cable providers may thrive by simply switching over into the streaming platform realm themselves. Nothing really would stop them although the slow phase-out of hardwired cable systems would take a lot of time.

Not every consumer of cable entertainment necessarily wants to jump onto the online streaming bandwagon. Viewing habits and comfort zones don’t change easily. Not everyone considers him/herself a “techie.” In time, the switchover to 100% streaming distribution will become a reality. Presently, that time remains far off. The growth of YouTube TV does show that time will eventually arrive.